[Bundle] Sudden Marriage Selection Vol. 1 by PDF

Harlequin Comics package that includes Sudden Marriage choice Vol. 1!
This package comprises [A Mistake, a Prince and a Pregnancy], [The Tycoon's Bride] and [Blind-Date Bride]

[A Mistake, a Prince and a Pregnancy]
Attorney Alison Whitman makes the choice to have a toddler via IVF. yet as soon as she turns into pregnant, she discovers that there’s been a mix-up concerning the sperm donor! Alison is going to notify the daddy, Maximo Rossi, concerning the scenario, hoping to get him to signal away his parental rights. but if she arrives at his beautiful mansion, he tells her rather heavily, “I’m the crown prince of the Mediterranean country of Turan. If what you assert is right, then the newborn can be an inheritor to the throne…”

[The Tycoon's Bride]
Claire runs out into the line and will get hit through a automobile! As her cognizance fades, she sees the determine of a good-looking guy looming over her. whilst she involves, she’s mendacity in a sumptuous room, followed by way of the exact same guy: Andreas Markopoulou, a president of a number of banks in Greece. Claire has misplaced either her mom and dad and is suffering opposed to poverty as she increases her part sister on her personal. whilst Andreas hears her state of affairs, he deals to keep up them. He merely has one for his overly pleasant inspiration: that she perform a pretend marriage with him!

[Blind-Date Bride]
Meteorologist and school professor Jake is way too busy together with his study for love. So his father, apprehensive for Jake’s destiny, comes to a decision to play matchmaker for him. Jasper makes a take care of a tender waitress named Cheri, promising that if she remains married to Jake for a 12 months whereas dwelling on a personal island with him, he’ll supply her 1000000 cash. Dumbfounded as to why his father is so keen on Cheri, Jake resolves to reveal her for the wolf in sheep’s garments that she quite is!

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